Head down to the wild west of video!
Our flagship community conference, Mediasite Experience 2019, is moving to Austin, Texas! This social event of the year in our close-knit Mediasite community is a revamped, ultra-exclusive summit-style two-day event, replacing our Unleash user conference that was held in Madison, Wis. for the past 12 years. Hundreds of customers in healthcare, higher education and the enterprise from all around the world will collaborate in Austin and online to learn how to increase the impact and adoption of video in their organizations. We made a strategic decision to choose Austin as the first new location of MSX, because we wanted a city that shared many of the same attributes as Madison. We’re excited to head south, deep in the heart of Texas, next October and start new traditions.
Registration for Mediasite Experience 2019, which takes place Oct. 28 to 30, is open now.
msx19 tickets are sold in four releases. do your wallet a favor and buy early!
who's speaking?
Insights from the Mediasite innovators and thought leaders.

Darren Woodson

ESPN Analyst, Entrepreneur

Michael Norregaard

CEO, Mediasite

Bill Cherne

VP Customer Success & Support, Mediasite

Elizabeth Collins

SVP North America, Mediasite

Austen Portz

SVP Engineering, Mediasite

Rob Lipps

EVP, Mediasite

Tom Irons

Dir. Customer Success, Mediasite
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